Pastor Andre' was invited to join Pastor Reginald Robinson and his Music/Missions in Japan during the month of March.  Pastor Andre' declined the invitation because of previous commitments.   Those commitments are no longer relevant and so Pastor Andre' believes he should go to Japan and remain  in Japan to minister (preaching, music, individual training and etc.).  He needs your help, please consider sharing today to help with the cost of this ministry.  He has to raise at least $3,000 in the next few days in order to make this trip happen.  Won't you consider sharing today (any amount would be aprreciated).

The lord has used Pastor Andre' in the USA and on three other continents (Asia, Europe, and Africa).  The Lord has anointed him to introduce the Love of God through the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus to lead thousands to Christ!  Please share in this harvest.  The harvest is plentious, it is the laborers that are few!