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Learn how we're sharing our faith through prayer, preaching & praise.

God has blessed TPW with some of the most gifted and anointed , singers, musicians,  song writers, and ministers. They have recorded many projects in the USA and the nation of Japan.  We will  release "The Best Of Andre'' Reynolds & TPW" while we are in Japan in September.  In addition to our music, we are also blessed some of the best Christian Dance personalities anywhere.  We incorporate: Hip Hop, Liturgical Praise, and Mime Dance at many of our venues.



Pastor Andre' and TPW have produced several gospel stage plays.  These professional productions have been shared in Birmingham, Anniston, Gadsden, and Dothan in Alabama.  One production was taken to Los Angeles, California and produced by our dear friend the late Reverend Joey Jones.'

We also incorporate Christian Comedy in our drama series.  Pastor Purnch, who is a member of this ministry, heads up our comedic venues.


Pastor Andre' and TPW has gone on 31 Mission Trips to Japan, Ireland, India, Tanzania, and Italy over the past 20 years, leading thousands to Christ. This ministry has provided drinking water (a well) and helped to provide electricity (solar panel) to the orphanage we support in Rural India.

Pastor Andre' preaches every week in Birmingham, Al and has led thousands to Christ here at home.

‚ÄčPastor Andre' is a gospel preacher, songwriter, musician, and producer.   Pastor Andre' has produced nine gospel recordings here and in Japan.  This music has received wide acclaim.  We are thankful to God for the following songwriters who have shared their music: Willie Ragland, Prince Yelder, Cameron Sankey, Allen Pruitt, Daniel Cason, Mika Sato, Minechika Iwata and others.

Pastor Andre' has shared  twenty nine (29) music ministry visits to Japan  over  the last  20 years and over 3,000 in Japan accepted Jesus Christ. We have also ministered in Tanzania, India, Ireland, Italy, and The Netherlands.  Pastor Andre' and TPW shares with ministries in India, Pakistan, Kenya, China, and Nigeria sharing with the spiritual and humanitarian needs of our brothers and sisters in these poor and developing countries.